Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update On The Chils Search

I got ahold of donna today and talked to her about tabitha. She has the access to look at the real profile on the children not just the edited version they put on the website. Long story short she is a child that would need experienced parents and would need much more then we would be able to give her. She would also require to be the only child and if in the future we would like to adopt again we wouldnt be able to do that with her. I love donna so much she kept saying I dont want to scare you off but I want to be honest with you, we couldnt of asked for a greater case manager. So I gave her heathers case number this morning and hopefully I will hear back from her maybe tomm and see what the situation is with heather. She is listed under mild for all catorgires so maybe this will be a child that will work with us :) I will send out the next update as soon as I hear something. If you called today I am sorry that I didnt get back to you it was a long bad day, went to clinic at vandy and on the way got a ticket, unreal then my numbers were way down but she thinks its only asthma so steriods and more meds and a follow up in a month. So the whole day was spent their then nick had said he had a surprise tonight and he took me and maddie bowling it was really fun to have some us time of course with maddie too :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


YEEAAAHHHHHH the day is finally here. Donna came out to do her last homestudy today. She was literally here only 5 mins if that and did a quick run thru of the house, she didnt even walk into the kids room. She just sat down and checked everything off pretty much. I am guessing that she knows how we are and how on top of everything that we are, and she isnt worried :) So the visits are done with and now all there is to do is have her type her paper on us and send it up the line to her 2 bosses above her. We are hoping for a approval date of around June 1st. I asked her today if I gave her a case number if she could see what the status is of the child. She said yeah I can look it up but you cant do anything until we finsh the paperwork and I said of course. So I gave her the case number of the girl below and she took it and put it with our paperwork. She said we are all done and that if she needed anything she would call. She has recieved 2 of the 5 refrence sheets, she has nicks mom's and shauna's so far.

Well tonight maddie and I were out trimming the willow tree and nick came home from work and came out to help us. We didnt come in till around 6. I left my phone inside and when I came into check it I had 3 missed calls. All from Donna. She left a voicemail saying that she checked on the child I gave her and asked me to give her a call back so that we could have a little brief dicussion with me. So im thinking this must be a good thing b/c she already told me that we really cant do anything until after our paperwork. But when she looked at the case on the internet this afternoon with me she kept saying that child looks familiar. So who knows. I called her cell tonight but it was around 7:30 and im sure she was with her family. So tomm morning on my way home from taking maddie to school I am going to call her and see what is up. Who knows??

I will give you an update tomm :)

Here is the link to Tabitha................ scroll down the page until you see her name

also just posted this afternoon was the little girl heather on page 10, we are going to ask about her too.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

2nd Homestudy Finshed, 3rd and Final Next Thursday

Well 2 down 1 to go :) Last night went fast and good. We are set for next thursday at 5:30 for the final one and she will go thru and check out our house. Dans family will be in town so it might be a little crazy but it will all work out. Well we know that she approves of us the first thing she said when she sat down was I have a question for you. She told us if we sid no it wouldnt hurt her feelings or us in any way we were just one of the few that met this criteria. She asked if we would be intrestered in adopting a sibling group of 4, yes I said 4. a 8,7,5,4 year old, two boys and two girls. So if she would have our homestudy done to be sumbitted by tomm if that was somethigng we wanted then I believe that we have no problems with her finding us fit, it just the 2 that need to sign off on it above her. Needless to say with dan we dont have room for 4 kids and 4 is alot to start off with :) We are hopefully looking to be totally approved and done by end of May begining of June. Of course it depends on the higer ups. So thats were we are at.

Oh I also included some new pics of my new hair :) Leave me some comments on what you think. * Just a side note this was after the salon and it will of course never look this good again*

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

1st Homestudy

Well it finally happened, we had our first homestudy tonight. It was set for 5:30. I got out of work arond 5:07 to pull into my driveway at 5:10 and see a car in my drive way. Man if you havent seen me run you should of seen me running up our drive way. I walk in and say am I late it was 5:30 wasnt it. Donna was sitting at our kitchen table and said oh no your not im early, im usally late but got here early, Whew im thinking, what a bad start that would have been! So we all sat down and for about an hour and a half we talked. She went over some questions about the quesionaire that we had filled out that she had for us. Over all we think it went really great. She said that we will do only 3 visits not 4, yeah thats a good sign. She is really upfront and honest and I really like that about her. So we have our next appt next wed night at 5:30. So things are looking good, everyone kwwp your fingers crossed :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Homestudy Set For Wednesday

I talked to Donna today and she just called to double check that wed at 5:30 was still good for us. I was like darn right it is :) WHEEEE WHOOOO. She was so thankful for me bringing her down those papers to her, she said it was a huge help. She said that we will start on the interviews on wed so im not sure how many more meetings we will have but she did tell me last week that she wants to puch us thru this b/c they want to get us done with the paperwork fast and they know we want to also. So we have another date and are running with this one.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

No Homestudy

Well we know that everything happens for a reason and this one we dont understand fully but I know God knows why. Donna didnt come for the visit tonight b/c we already had the paperwork that she was going to give us and go over with us. So I am dropping it off at her office tomm morning and we will read it and call me tomm afternoon. Looks like we may set the next date for next wed. Kinda a good thing, I got all my jitters out and stress about worring about it and am feeling alot better about it. We were disapointed that it didnt start tonight but after some roast and choclate cake it felt better ;)