Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Year.. Time for Deployment

Well its that time of year again. Yep you guessed it, its deployment time. At least its nice and springy instead of cold and wintery. So with nick gone right now the boys and I are having alot of one on one time. They really miss daddy, but really enjoy his spot on the bed. Nick can see the boys on the camera and I know that it makes him happy to see them, even thou most of the time they are sleeping on the floor. As for around here in clarksville, its pretty much been the normal day to day thing. I am babysitting a 4 year old girl named maddie who is jsut a doll. I watch her 2 days a week and the other days I watch a 1 year old little angel named ava. So that keeps me pretty busy which is good. I am playing poker on monday and saturdays and sat mornings maddie plays soccer, so its to the soccer field I go. Im telling you I feel like im always on the go, which is good. I went home for easter which was great to get to see the family. Dan and I have been playing online poker at night so its pretty funny to hear one person yell and then 3 mins later another one yell. But hey it keeps us entrained. I planted some tuplis in the front garden this year, and some hostas plants. Im pretty excited about that. Dan is on grass cutting duty right now since I am allergic to grass. Which of course leaves me on inside cleaning duty, it works out pretty good. Our riding lawnmower broke last week, so sad I know. So its back to the push mower for now. Right now we are done with our remodling in the house. We are deff not going crazy like we did last time he came home :) Maybe just a new lawnmower. We are going to take a mini honeymoon when he gets home, not the crusie that we want, but we will take that before we adopt, or heck maybe we can take it we adopt our child and it can be like the famly honeymoon, a honeymoon celebrating that we are a family. Ummm I think I sort of like that idea :) I will have to run that by nick. Well thats about it from clarksville right now, below are some pictures of nick when he was leaving, just wanted to share!

Love to you all,

Alisha and Nick