Sunday, May 25, 2008

Surgery Update

Well all went great with the port surgery. We went in around 7:20 am on friday to vandy and they took me back around 7:40 to the recvoery /prep room. Nick went back with me and mom stayed in the waiting room they only allowed one back at a time. They went over everything and gave ma a regular iv to draw some blood and check my clotting time. The then told me that I would be awake for the whole thing and that they had to also do an incision in my neck to pull the guide wire thru in my juglar and that at certian times they would have me hold my breath then breath and do it again to make sure there was no air in the line. Also the only surgen Iknew at vandy the only I specificly set up this surgery with was out that day b/c his kid was sick. The doc looked at me and was like did your anexity just jump a couple of knotches I said oh yea just a couple, so they gave mea valum to calm down, I wasnt that impressed with it after all the hype I hear about it, not so impressed by this girl. So they took me back got me all cleaned up and drapes and sheets all over me the doc came in and the started to lidocan me up so it would numb the area, they gave me 3 iv shots of verset to sort of calm and relax you so you dont really feelmuch and a shot of a pain med thru the iv. I swear it was great, I was awake the whole time talking and never felt pain just pressure and him tugging on the wire in my neck. I was so impressed I woud do that again any time. Not that I want to have another port soon! He asked me on the table if I had brest implants b/c if so he would have to guide the wire a differnt way at that poing, I busted up laughing and said have you seen heckno I dont. He laughed and said well I handt seen that low yet so I wanted to ask b/c the wire could pop them its happend before. Wouldnt that suck they pop your boob :) But I told him since he already has an opening in my chest if he wanted to put something down there Iwould complain, I thought the nurse was going to pee her pants she laughed so hard at that. He its worth a shot to ask :)

So needless to say I was expectin like a little hole in my neck/collat bone area and when I came out I asked nick if you could see a spot and he said nope but you can see the 1/2 cut they did. I was like WHAT????? So yea that one is almost more pain at the moment b/c I cant really turn my neck or bend it down. Hopefully it will get better and just sore and no pain the next couple of day. I am attaching some pics if your faint at heart dont read down. You will see the cut on my collarbone and the stickes with the glue over it and then the stiches for the port with the glue over it. The black thing is the needle that acceses the port so I can get my ivs. After the 3 weeks of Iv's the needle will come out and they gacvene a mini port b/c its smaller and doesnt stick out as much and you really cant even see that I have a port its still swollen now so in a couple of qweeks we will see the real look. The next pic is of my frist flush and drw back at home, it had been over 7 hours since it was flushed at the hospital and no SHEATHS ( small kind of clots ont he end of the line). Its so amazing that it had no sheaths with a pic I couldnt go 4 hours without flushing and getting sheaths. The last pic is jayden snuggling with me on the couch, shes my snuggle bunny :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Update On Alisha - Surgery on Friday

Hey everyone,

As of right now we are still in the holding process of the adoption, no new news. On the other had with me there is. I havent been feeling well recently as most of you know. I called and asked when I go back on June 4th if Im not doing better are we going to do Iv's b/c if so then I want to look at a port again. I know it scares the poo outta me to think about a port again after what happened last time but I just have to have faith. So she said tell me what day and we will schedule it. Long story short I am having PFT's done on thur to see if I need IV's but I know I do I can feel it. Then we are scheduled for port surgery at 8 am on friday. I talked to my hemotologist at an appt last week and we decided to do this as outpaitent. No lovenox(blood thinner) shots and go on an asprin routine and see how my clots go day to day on how much to flush it a day. My last 2 piccs were placed my a intervenous radiloigy surgeon who told me each time that I need to get a port and he would place it for me. The nurses kept tellng me he was the best around here. So I made sure to have him as my surgeon. So I am as happy as I can be about everything. Mom is comming down thur to sat which will be amazing! Thanks so much mom, I only hope that I can be as good as a mom as you are to me. Nick will be off b/c it is a holiday for them at work and then mon he is off so that will be great to have someone with me. Last time I had the surgery the combined it with sinus surgey and I just remember being really really sore and not being able to move my sholder/ arm much for a week and then it was limited for about a month. So thats the latest with us. I will send out an updat thur afternoon before the formal and let you all know how my PFT's went.