Wednesday, December 9, 2009

31 Weeks Down...9 Weeks To Go

Well I am offically at 31 weeks now and really just still in shock that I have made it this far. Yesterday we had our OB appt and everything is looking great! Nicolas is weighing in at 3lb 13oz. He gained 1lb 3oz in 3 weeks, I was shocked at what a fattie he is I guess with my Cf I wasnt expecting him to grow so well. He grew 1lb 4 oz from weeks 24-28 (4 weeks) and 1lb 3 oz from weeks 28-31 (3 weeks) so he is gaining some good weight. They said everything looks normal and good he is in the 48th percentile tile and that is normal. So our next appt is in 3 weeks and that will be 34 weeks, they told us that after 34 weeks if I go into labor they will not try to stop it and let it progress naturally. HOLY CRUD thats 3 weeks!!!

Today I had a CF visit and I just got off 3 weeks of IV's. My last PFT FEV1 was at 83% and I went on Iv's so that I can get as pumped up as I can for the delivery. Today my FEV1 was 96% so I was super excited and shocked that it jumped so much. So I guess it was CF playing a factor and the pregnacy is treating me good.
Just 9 more weeks to go AHHHHHHHHHH................... Is it Feb 9th yet?
Here are some pictures of Nicolas from yesterday :) And then a picture from me on thanksgiving at 29 weeks, and tonight at 31 weeks :)

Love to you all!
Alisha, Nick and Nicolas