Monday, June 16, 2008

Port Update

Well its been a little over 3 weeks with my new port so I thought I would give an update. Well Im alive :) For everyone who went thru the last ports last flushing you will understand that when I say that. Today was my first port flushing since deaccesing the port and finishin my iv meds on sat. I offically had the port with no flushing for 48 hours. My nurse came out today and we flushed it and it was great, she said it flushed like new, well heck it better, its is new :) So it all went great and I cant even begin to say what a relief it was to get the 2 day flush done, next we will try to wait 4 days and see how that goes. So I have attached some pics below of the port, ignore the discoloring of the shin around the port, we just didnt get all the bedidyne off from the sterlizing the port area this afternoon. So I put on a bathing suit top to take the pics, figured that would be the most approitate way to show the port and not be in a bra in pics that my brothers and brothers in law and step dad will see, lol.

Well nick is gone now in FL. Yep on the beach, butthead :) So its me and the pups right now. It finally happened. Jayden has offically started her first heat. So she is walking around the house in a demim diaper. Hopefully this will help protect her from any unplanned pregnancy's!! So thats a quick update here. Im heading to bed, I am babysitting tomm at 7:45 so after this treatment its off to bed for me. Hope everyone is doing well!!

CAN YOU FIND THE PORT??????????????????????????