Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Long Time Since An Update

Well its almost been a year since we wrote a post so I figured that we needed to get back into it! Humm lets see things that have been going on here. Well first off I got a job, omg I cant believe it too. My dream for the past 4 years has come true. I talked with Social Security and we found a way that I can work. I am so exicted. I work at a place called Goin Postal ( very approiate ) and it is a packing and shipping store. There are only 3 of us and one is the owner. These ladies are the sweetest, I would go mail nicks packages and talk to them for like an hour. I love, love ,love it!! As far as nick he is going to be sticking around here for awhile it looks like. Which is something new to us :) So seeing as he is here we signed up and have started our adoption PATH classes thru the state. We meet every thur night from 6-9 for 10 weeks. We have been to 2 classes and tomm night will make our 3rd. If you could lonly see the binder of stuff that we have to do its crazy!! But we are super excited, after the classes are done then they will start our homestudy :) So we are offically on our way. Below is a picture of us on our first night of our adoption classes :) The beggining night :)

All our babies had a great christmas! Jayden is getting so big. She is much smarter then neiko we all agree on that one! But we still love our bighead. We painted an accent wall in the living room 2 weeks ago. I will have to get a picture to put it up. I love it, its a maroon color and I really think it adds warmth to the room. Nick and I have an ongoing list of things we want to do to the house come summer, seems like it gets longer everyday! Well thats a small update for now :)


Alisha and Nick