Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nicolas Playing at 7 weeks

Yep I cant believe it either, 7 weeks since my baby boy was brought into our lifes. Life here in clarksville is crazy. After nicks wreck we had to go out and get a new car, after looking we ended up with a 2010 Maxium ( of course I only looked at cars with 0% intrest! ). Its nice and it has more horsepower then the camary did so that really got nicks attention! When I find a moment I will post some pictures of it. Other then that I am starting to go back to work more, of course taking nicolas with me and all our customers are so excited to see and meet him! I cant tell you what amazing customers we have, at least 4 of our customers actually brought me a baby gift. People keep telling me how great it is I can take nicolas with me to work, I tell them if I didnt cathy and gail would tell me to walk back out the door and go get him! :) Mom will be comming down to visit this week Im so excited. I know she is having some MAJOR nicolas withdrawls! If I miss a day on texting her his daily picture I will get a text from her asking where its at :) All in all things are going great. I am so blessed, Nick is alive and unhurt, nicolas is healthy and happy and I am doing great and loving every moment of this woonderful life God has blessed me with.

Monday, March 15, 2010

So Much In Such Little Time

First off I want to thank GOD for Nick being safe and alive. Last friday morning nick was comming home from PT and a lady on the other side of the highway hydroplaned lost control of her car, came across the 50ft medium spinning around and came into nicks lane on the other side of the higway. He had no where to go and slammed head first into her and spun into the medium grassy area. He thank goodness was not hurt, just sore. She was worse off but ok we believe, we went to the hospital later friday to try and she if she was ok and she had been released. Nick was in our new 2010 camry that we have had for 6 months. We are hoping that they total the car because a crash like that at 70 mph did alot of damage. The car will arrive at the body shop tomm and they will start to estimate it and see what has been done to it. Below are the pictures that nick took friday morning. I have not seen the car yet but will tomm.
As for everthing else things are great. Nicolas is getting so big so fast. He is starting to try and hold his head up. He is sleeping about 5 hours at night so thats pretty good and he is on a 3-4 hour eating schedule during the day. I am just loving every minute with my wonderful family! I go tuesday for my post partdum visit, I cant believe its been almost 7 weeks :)

This is a view from the front, the other lady's car is in the background, she is closer to the side that nick was driving on.
This is a view from the drivers side of the car, where the car had the most damage, they had to cut the battery out of the car.

This is a view from the passangers side, you can see how big the medium is that she spun acrossDaddy and peanut resting on the couchMy baby boys first Mohawk :)

Being a big boy and trying to hold his own bottle :)