Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nicolas Playing at 7 weeks

Yep I cant believe it either, 7 weeks since my baby boy was brought into our lifes. Life here in clarksville is crazy. After nicks wreck we had to go out and get a new car, after looking we ended up with a 2010 Maxium ( of course I only looked at cars with 0% intrest! ). Its nice and it has more horsepower then the camary did so that really got nicks attention! When I find a moment I will post some pictures of it. Other then that I am starting to go back to work more, of course taking nicolas with me and all our customers are so excited to see and meet him! I cant tell you what amazing customers we have, at least 4 of our customers actually brought me a baby gift. People keep telling me how great it is I can take nicolas with me to work, I tell them if I didnt cathy and gail would tell me to walk back out the door and go get him! :) Mom will be comming down to visit this week Im so excited. I know she is having some MAJOR nicolas withdrawls! If I miss a day on texting her his daily picture I will get a text from her asking where its at :) All in all things are going great. I am so blessed, Nick is alive and unhurt, nicolas is healthy and happy and I am doing great and loving every moment of this woonderful life God has blessed me with.