Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Year.. Time for Deployment

Well its that time of year again. Yep you guessed it, its deployment time. At least its nice and springy instead of cold and wintery. So with nick gone right now the boys and I are having alot of one on one time. They really miss daddy, but really enjoy his spot on the bed. Nick can see the boys on the camera and I know that it makes him happy to see them, even thou most of the time they are sleeping on the floor. As for around here in clarksville, its pretty much been the normal day to day thing. I am babysitting a 4 year old girl named maddie who is jsut a doll. I watch her 2 days a week and the other days I watch a 1 year old little angel named ava. So that keeps me pretty busy which is good. I am playing poker on monday and saturdays and sat mornings maddie plays soccer, so its to the soccer field I go. Im telling you I feel like im always on the go, which is good. I went home for easter which was great to get to see the family. Dan and I have been playing online poker at night so its pretty funny to hear one person yell and then 3 mins later another one yell. But hey it keeps us entrained. I planted some tuplis in the front garden this year, and some hostas plants. Im pretty excited about that. Dan is on grass cutting duty right now since I am allergic to grass. Which of course leaves me on inside cleaning duty, it works out pretty good. Our riding lawnmower broke last week, so sad I know. So its back to the push mower for now. Right now we are done with our remodling in the house. We are deff not going crazy like we did last time he came home :) Maybe just a new lawnmower. We are going to take a mini honeymoon when he gets home, not the crusie that we want, but we will take that before we adopt, or heck maybe we can take it we adopt our child and it can be like the famly honeymoon, a honeymoon celebrating that we are a family. Ummm I think I sort of like that idea :) I will have to run that by nick. Well thats about it from clarksville right now, below are some pictures of nick when he was leaving, just wanted to share!

Love to you all,

Alisha and Nick

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Two Wisdom Teeth Out

As most of you know I have had a tooth that has been broken down to nothing and dead for many years. I also have not been to the denist in a long time either. Well over christmas it began to give me bad headaches so I ended up in the ER where they told me I had an abcessed tooth. I was put on antibiodics for 10 days. I felt better and they told me I would be ok untill feb 1st when dental ins. started. So the week before ins started I went to a denist and he didnt even look at my mouth, just at the xray and refered me to an oral surgon. He coulndt see me untill the next tue. So I saw him on tue and told me that 3 wisdom teeth needed to come out and we might as well take all 4 out. It was on hold for a day while he talked to my hemotoligst down at vanderbuilt to see if with extractions I would need a blood transfusion. I decided to use local instead of seadion due to my CF. So we got it all set for the 20th of feb to get all 4 out, hoping with no transfusion, just going one by one and watching the bleeding. Well on thursday I ended up stoping by the office b/c the gum around the tooth seemed to be swelling some. I told them that I didnt think the infected tooth would make it to the 20th. They walked into the room and said ok we can take it out today, and we will also take the other one on that side on the top out too, ahhhhhh I was not expecting that at all!! So I had no time to run or hide :) He took out both on the left side under local and it went great. I was soooo impressed with this Oral Surgon. It was really painless and good thing the one on the top came out too b/c when he pulled it out it showed that it had an abcess in it too. So they stiched me up and I am 5 days after now doing good. I have been eating soup, and mashed potatos, pudding, and everything else soft you can think of. Man just the thought of chips, and steak, and yummy hard food sounds soooo good right now!! They do have me doing an IV soultion mouth was every 6 hours to stop the bleeding so I dont need a transfusion. So thats the latest with me :) As always nick is as healthy as can be!!! That stinker :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our New Addition

This weekend we added a new addition to our family. Yep thats right. A 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab. Which you all know what that means, mytchie is now gone. But he was a good car for the time being, now he is with others. So today we took the boys for the first ride in the new truck. Just like every car ride they loved it. So they are all ready for a tip where they can relax in the back I think :) Just take a look at them in the back of the truck, what goofballs!

Starting The Year Off Right

Hi Everyone,We decided to make this page so that all family can keep in touch with us. So let's start the year off right.We spent our new years at home with some great friends, Shauna and Jared. We even attemped to make jello shots, in which I was the one who made them a little bit too strong. We played cards on nicks new poker table that he got for christmas. Then we went outside and light a TON of fireworks. The boys had a great time lighting them off. We also made our christmas dinner on new years. Seeing as nick came home the night before christmas we didnt have a chance to go shopping for christmas dinner since walmart was closed on christmas. How dare they be closed on christmas, we needed ham!!! So we just waited and cooked it all for new years, but darn can we cook, just take a look at our dinner :)