Sunday, January 14, 2007

Starting The Year Off Right

Hi Everyone,We decided to make this page so that all family can keep in touch with us. So let's start the year off right.We spent our new years at home with some great friends, Shauna and Jared. We even attemped to make jello shots, in which I was the one who made them a little bit too strong. We played cards on nicks new poker table that he got for christmas. Then we went outside and light a TON of fireworks. The boys had a great time lighting them off. We also made our christmas dinner on new years. Seeing as nick came home the night before christmas we didnt have a chance to go shopping for christmas dinner since walmart was closed on christmas. How dare they be closed on christmas, we needed ham!!! So we just waited and cooked it all for new years, but darn can we cook, just take a look at our dinner :)


Anonymous said...

is that green bean casserole i see?

Mom Brown said...

Love the new truck and my grandpuppies. Christmas WAS great this year, wasn't it? Nick's home and all's right with the world!
Love you!

mom huelsman said...

Awsome truck! Love the colors! Bet the boys are in seventh heaven riding around! Especially Daddy! And yes mrs Iles, its green bean casserole...would it be anything else? :)