Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pics From Vacation

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Living Our Life

Hey everyone,

Its been a busy month for us so I thought I would update you. Work has kept nick and I busy. It's kinda weird to have him waiting on me to get home sometimes, but I think its great :) All the pups are doing great. Jayden is growing like a weed, she still continues to jump over our 4 foot fence, any ideas to keep her in the yard would be more then welcomed! We have had some great weather latley and have been able to ride our bikes alot. Its really relaxing to just go for a nice ride after work. Dan ( our roomate ) is gone with work right now so its just the 5 of us and its knida nice having just us here.

We spent the 4th with my family in ryland ky, first time nick had ever seen a turtle race :) Then we went up to cleveland to spend a week with Jason and Missy and the boys. Mom B came down to visit for a couple of days and it was great getting to see everyone. I cant believe how big the boys are getting, they are huge!!! All our photos are on nicks computer so I will put some of the boys up soon. They are so cute I just wanted to bring them home :) But I would fedex them back in a week or two, LOL. While we were in OH we took a night and went up to niagara falls and stayed in canada for the night. I can now say I have been to another country, one thing marked off on my bucket list. It was an amazing trip. We even had a room that you could a part of the falls from.

So we are back at home now, nick just went back to work offically today. I went back to work on tuesday to find out that yes us Goin Postal girls had started the working out like we had talked about. Cathy, rhonda and I are doing this thing called crossfit. OMG I am so freaking sore. Its an amazing thing, its all about working hard, working out right and doing it fast. you only do about 30 mins a day. 3 days on, 1 day off, 3 on, 1 off and so on. A customer of ours has made her whole 2 car garage and backyard and accredited crossfit gym, its amazing. So before work we 3 go work out. I am loving it, hurting alot but loving it. Here is the website, it even has our pic on it :)

Its really cool and I am really excited about getting back into working it, its so great for my health and I have wanted to do it for a long time. Well thats it for now :)

Alisha and Nick