Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hoping For Sticky Thoughts

Hey everyone,

Well since the last post much has changed. As most of you know the doctors gave me the go ahead to carry our child myself. So we went and talked to all the doctors and decided to do IUI. An IUI is different from IVF. In an IUI they take the sperm and with a cathder insert the sperm into the uterine cavity. We chose this due to the fact that with CF you produce excessive mucus and conceving naturally is very hard. Our fertility doctor says that he sees no fertility issues or problems that would cause us trouble other then the CF and thinks that we should have a good outcome with the IUI's. Now just as with natural conception there is only a 20% chance each cycle to become pregnant.

So on the 10th of march we met with the fertility doctor and he told us to start checking my ovualtion and when we see a postitve call in and we will do an IUI the next day. By tue I had not seen a positive so I called in and they had me come down on wed and have an ultrasound to make sure that I was producing a follical, in english an egg. The ultrasound turned out good we had a good egg and they gave me an HCG trigger shot to make ovulation occur. Thur morning nick and I went down and had the IUI done. So now we are in the 2 week wait. In two weeks either I will start my cycle over again and we are not prego and we will try again next month or the hopeful thought that i will miss my cycle and the outcome will be that we are prego.

Well thats where we are at right now. Today is 3 days post IUI. 3 down and 11 to go. Im telling you these 2 weeks are insnane to wonder and hope all at once.

Side note, when you are given an HCG shot you will test positive for pregnant with a home pregnancy test. Since the hormone they give you in the shot is the hormone that is produced when pregnancy occurs. They tell you that you should test positive for at least 10 days after the type of shot that I recieved. Just to test it I took a home pregnancy test on thursday afternoon after the IUI and it tested positive so that shows that the shot was showing up on the test. That will give me a good basis on what to go on and hope that we get a negitive soon so that we can begin to test for the real thing in about 8 days :)