Monday, March 31, 2008

It'd Offical

Yep its true we got the call this morning for our first homestudy visit :) This thursday at 5:30 p.m. We are so excited but nervous at the same time. We are finshing up that last to do's around the house and I have the cleaning lady comming on wed :) So fingers crossed everyone!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Is Here

So Its getting closer and closer to summer, yea!!!! As the days get longer and the sun shines more I feel better and better. Life in Tn has of course been a constant up and down like always. If it wasnt then life would be dull! Im still working at Goin Postal and LOVING it. Cathy and Rhonda are my girls :) Nick is of course still doin the army thing :) As of right now he is home, he was due to go to school for awhile but as always with the army plans change. Life seems to be going by in a whirlwind latley. We have finshed our adoption classes and now waiting to hear this week from our case worker about an appt for our first homestudy visit. We have everything we need done excpet we both need to finish our autobiographys. We are both kinda nervous about this, its so scary, is our house good enough, is all the stuff out of reach that they need, is all my meds locked up right ( hahahaha now how easy do you think it is to lock up our pharmacy??). Just all these crazy thoughts running thru our heads. We offically have the kids room ready, complete with a chalkboard wall, stars hanging from the ceiling, glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and a lava lamp for starters. The computer room doesnt even look the same. Its like oh wow its really for real. Take a look at the pics below and tell us what you think. The only thing that isnt in the pics is the dresser and nightstand that we got yesterday I will update with those pics.

In June I will be losing my maddie boo. Amanda is moving to nashville which is what is best for her and maddie but that means that my baby moves too and I am torn to pieces. I am a wreck, that little girl is like my own. I love her with all my heart and cant even think about my days with out her here with me. Its going to be really hard not to have her here.

All the doggies are doing good, jayden is growing like a weed. She is now 7 months and 46 pounds. We think she might get as big as neiko! Those are going to be some pretty puppies :)

Well we have a loss and 2 new additions to our house. We finally sold the boat, we just didnt have the time to use it like we thought, and litterally on the way back from selling the boat bought 2 bikes (we love you mom for still loving us after that!!!). We bought nick his dream bike, a yamaha R1 and me a kawasiki 750. So we both ride together now and its so great. I know he loves to ride and I like it to and its awesome that its something that we can share together. I will put some pics up soon of the bikes.

I have been doing pretty good cf wise latley. Got a cold about 2 weeks ago, got rid of it I thought but it came back so the past 5 days I have been totallly wiped and coughing like I smoke a pack a day :) But ya know its all good :)

We painted the walls in the house recently and I LOVE IT.Nick says they look like walls to him but if Im happy he is happy. What a goober he is.

Here are some pics of the walls, the kids room and a pic from the day of our last adoption class :)