Monday, May 19, 2008

Update On Alisha - Surgery on Friday

Hey everyone,

As of right now we are still in the holding process of the adoption, no new news. On the other had with me there is. I havent been feeling well recently as most of you know. I called and asked when I go back on June 4th if Im not doing better are we going to do Iv's b/c if so then I want to look at a port again. I know it scares the poo outta me to think about a port again after what happened last time but I just have to have faith. So she said tell me what day and we will schedule it. Long story short I am having PFT's done on thur to see if I need IV's but I know I do I can feel it. Then we are scheduled for port surgery at 8 am on friday. I talked to my hemotologist at an appt last week and we decided to do this as outpaitent. No lovenox(blood thinner) shots and go on an asprin routine and see how my clots go day to day on how much to flush it a day. My last 2 piccs were placed my a intervenous radiloigy surgeon who told me each time that I need to get a port and he would place it for me. The nurses kept tellng me he was the best around here. So I made sure to have him as my surgeon. So I am as happy as I can be about everything. Mom is comming down thur to sat which will be amazing! Thanks so much mom, I only hope that I can be as good as a mom as you are to me. Nick will be off b/c it is a holiday for them at work and then mon he is off so that will be great to have someone with me. Last time I had the surgery the combined it with sinus surgey and I just remember being really really sore and not being able to move my sholder/ arm much for a week and then it was limited for about a month. So thats the latest with us. I will send out an updat thur afternoon before the formal and let you all know how my PFT's went.