Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update On The Chils Search

I got ahold of donna today and talked to her about tabitha. She has the access to look at the real profile on the children not just the edited version they put on the website. Long story short she is a child that would need experienced parents and would need much more then we would be able to give her. She would also require to be the only child and if in the future we would like to adopt again we wouldnt be able to do that with her. I love donna so much she kept saying I dont want to scare you off but I want to be honest with you, we couldnt of asked for a greater case manager. So I gave her heathers case number this morning and hopefully I will hear back from her maybe tomm and see what the situation is with heather. She is listed under mild for all catorgires so maybe this will be a child that will work with us :) I will send out the next update as soon as I hear something. If you called today I am sorry that I didnt get back to you it was a long bad day, went to clinic at vandy and on the way got a ticket, unreal then my numbers were way down but she thinks its only asthma so steriods and more meds and a follow up in a month. So the whole day was spent their then nick had said he had a surprise tonight and he took me and maddie bowling it was really fun to have some us time of course with maddie too :)


fea said...

I love you and nick so much!! I know that you will be loving parents and I am proud to say I know you. Keep your head up you will feel better soon and all will fall into place. I will check this everyday to see your updates. I love ya!!

Paul and Christy said...

I just read your comment on Confessions of a CF Husband. My mom passed away with Mylodysplasia. I came to your blog and see that your wanting a child. We have prayed for more and would love to adopt. I live in Ky now and am originally from TN. I had to add you to my favorites. I will be praying for you as well. Keep looking up.