Wednesday, April 9, 2008

1st Homestudy

Well it finally happened, we had our first homestudy tonight. It was set for 5:30. I got out of work arond 5:07 to pull into my driveway at 5:10 and see a car in my drive way. Man if you havent seen me run you should of seen me running up our drive way. I walk in and say am I late it was 5:30 wasnt it. Donna was sitting at our kitchen table and said oh no your not im early, im usally late but got here early, Whew im thinking, what a bad start that would have been! So we all sat down and for about an hour and a half we talked. She went over some questions about the quesionaire that we had filled out that she had for us. Over all we think it went really great. She said that we will do only 3 visits not 4, yeah thats a good sign. She is really upfront and honest and I really like that about her. So we have our next appt next wed night at 5:30. So things are looking good, everyone kwwp your fingers crossed :)