Tuesday, April 29, 2008


YEEAAAHHHHHH the day is finally here. Donna came out to do her last homestudy today. She was literally here only 5 mins if that and did a quick run thru of the house, she didnt even walk into the kids room. She just sat down and checked everything off pretty much. I am guessing that she knows how we are and how on top of everything that we are, and she isnt worried :) So the visits are done with and now all there is to do is have her type her paper on us and send it up the line to her 2 bosses above her. We are hoping for a approval date of around June 1st. I asked her today if I gave her a case number if she could see what the status is of the child. She said yeah I can look it up but you cant do anything until we finsh the paperwork and I said of course. So I gave her the case number of the girl below and she took it and put it with our paperwork. She said we are all done and that if she needed anything she would call. She has recieved 2 of the 5 refrence sheets, she has nicks mom's and shauna's so far.

Well tonight maddie and I were out trimming the willow tree and nick came home from work and came out to help us. We didnt come in till around 6. I left my phone inside and when I came into check it I had 3 missed calls. All from Donna. She left a voicemail saying that she checked on the child I gave her and asked me to give her a call back so that we could have a little brief dicussion with me. So im thinking this must be a good thing b/c she already told me that we really cant do anything until after our paperwork. But when she looked at the case on the internet this afternoon with me she kept saying that child looks familiar. So who knows. I called her cell tonight but it was around 7:30 and im sure she was with her family. So tomm morning on my way home from taking maddie to school I am going to call her and see what is up. Who knows??

I will give you an update tomm :)

Here is the link to Tabitha................ scroll down the page until you see her name


also just posted this afternoon was the little girl heather on page 10, we are going to ask about her too.