Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nick's At School

Just wanted to let everyone know that nick made it to VA just fine yesterday. He hit some traffic and made a couple of longer stops then he planned but made it there safe in 12 hours. He checked into his hotel room last night and was impressed with it. He said it was a decent size room with a mini fridge a microwave an a two burner stove. So at least he can cook a little something if he wants too. He got to ride his bike around the outside of post for sometime today. He starts classes tomm so he will find out some more of the info about this whole time down there. Here are some pictures of nick and the babies before he left. Also a picture of the baby that he took with him:)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just Truckin Along

Well all is well here in TN. Nick and I are both good, getting ready for him to leave for school next weekend :(. All the pups are doing good. They are knocked out at the foot of the couch right now, what a surprise. The last few weeks have been busy. Nick was able to go home for his brother Kevins wedding. I had to work but I was so thankful that we could get nick up to philly! So he enjoyed the golfing and beer drinking :) I stayed here, worked on sat and then shauna and I went baby shopping for taylor :) Heads up for all who are close and reading this we are planning on doing her baby shower the first weekend of Oct. Jared hopefully will be home by thanksgiving ( her husband) YEAAAAAA! So today we talked about what we are doing for thanksgiving since our holidays always iuculde each other :) Still no decision on that one yet. I know at christmas I am not able to go anywhere with work. It is the busiest time of year for me and time off isnt a option but thats ok with me I love what I do! Im hoping to maybe to a family christmas here this year :) Nick wont be home untill late nov so we will have to see what is up with his work schedule after he gets home from school.

Other then that not to much to tell, its just been work, babysitting, and resting that has been the main parts for us the past couple of weeks. So thats it for now :)

Alisha and Nick