Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Offical...Homestudy Sumbitted For Mariah

Hey Everyone,

Well yep its true. Our caseworker offically submitted our homestudy to Mariah's caseworker in OH this past week. I will add a link below to mariahs page. She is a 12 year old girl who is in Dayton , OH. She has been in foster care for about 4 years now, she has some health problems which is why she has been a hardplacement but for those are no big deal at all. Its normal life to us. So we are hoping that our medical life that we have will give us a hands up on the other applicants. From what I know her caseworker will look over our homestudy and let us know if we might be a good match, if so then our homestudy is taken to her placement meeting on Nov 6. That is where all the people concering her sit down and look at all the applications and see if they think any applicant would be a good match. So right now we are just waiting to hear if we have made it thru the pre screening for her. Please say some prayers for us. We know that God has his plan for us but we really are hoping that Mariah is it. We feel that we could help her so much.

Hello, my name is Mariah, and I am eleven years old. I have a sweet disposition and like to smile a lot. I enjoy singing and dancing all around the house. My favorite country singer is Kenny Chesney and my favorite television show is Survivor. My foster mother says that I should be in the school drama club when I get older!I do well in school. I really enjoy playing soccer, cheerleading and roller skating. I am also in the Girl Scouts. Continuing to be active is important to me.My new family needs to know that I have a few medical conditions that will need monitoring. I can manage my conditions with the help of adults. I have frequent clinic visits that will likely need to continue. It would be great if my new family had some experience with my medical conditions.I have been in the same foster home for four years. I really want to continue contact with my foster mother. She is very special to me.

Nick is back at school in VA. He had a 2 week break where they sent him home and he came back to work for 2 weeks then back to school. Other then the fact that the people next door blast mexican music till 6 am and he gets crappy cell phone service in his room he is off to a good start :) I told him to switch rooms so we will see if he sticks it out in that room or changes. Back here in clarksville all is pretty much normal. Im working 2-3 days a week and then babysitting some nights when needed. Its that time of year for me so health is kinda on and off. I figure I will need iv's again sometime this winter so Im almost wanting to get it done later this month in the case and hope that we would go to the placement meeting and then I would have everything done and out of the way and I would be feeling my best. We shall see, im on steriods for about another 10 days and then we will see how im feeling.

Shauna's baby shower is this weekend, i cant wait. Mom is comming down on thrusday so we can have some time to hang out. Im not sure which daughter she cant wait to see more, me or shauna :) Taylor is doing great, getting big so christmas baby here we come!

Well thats pretty much about the most thats going on around here right now. I will keep you updated on the adoption process as soon as I hear the next news. Please keep us in your prayers that this may be our one!

Love you all,
Alisha and Nick