Sunday, July 12, 2009

Better late then never

Its been about 2 and a half weeks since the latest update. Things around here have been very busy. We went on our family vacation with my family to FL weeks ago. It was a great time even thou I spent my time "tossing my cookies" and sleeping on the couch most of the time. We had a really good time! Getting back home and back into the routine was alot on both of us.

For about 3 and a half weeks now I have been visted by what I call all day sickness. Morning, noon and night time does not matter to my stomach. The docs put me on zofran and phenegren to help stop it but even on that I am still getting sick. So hopefully by week 13 it should settle down.

On July 6th we had our first OB appt, which was big because we graduated from the RE to the OB. Our ultrasound meausred out at 8 weeks 3 days putting our due date as feb 12, 2009. They said the ultrasound looked good and little bugs heartbeat was measured at 180 bpm. We will go back on Aug 4th for our next appt and ultrasound.

I have been browsing nursery furniture just to get some ideas and try and find something differnt then every single person I know has. I found a set that I really like at jcpenny and nick says he likes too, but you all know men, its all the same to them :) So I am deff keeping that set in mind! It's a little bit more then we were hoping for but like I have told nick all along. I really am not holding back on little bug, never in my wildest dreams did I think that the dream I had as a little girl to be a mom would come true. I am only able to do this once and I want to make it as special as it can be, so what if the furniture is like $400 more then I was expecting, we are never going to be able to do this miracle journey again in our life.

We have added a guessing poll to the right side of the page, go ahead and play our game and give us your guess of what you think little bug will be....boy or girl :)

I will update with some new 9 week pictures this week soon

Love to you all!


Diane Brown said...

Woo hoo, grow Little Bug grow!!!
Sorry he/she's making you not feel too well, though!

Estatic Grandma said...

So awesome to watch dreams come true. Keep living them! Love and prayers to you both!