Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey everyone :)

Well the last week has been eventful. As most of you know last wed morning I woke up at 3:30 in the morning coughing up blood. It was about a full cup of blood which was the most I have ever coughed up. I knew that being on my blood thinner was not helping the situation so I was worried. I woke up nick and asked him to call 911. By the time they got here I had settled down and was not coughing up stright blood anymore but still a mixture. They took me by ambulance to the local hospital where they did test and then talked to my doctors and decided to send me to vandy in nashville which is where my doctors are at. They transported me by ambulance to vandy. My first time ever in an ambulace and 2 rides in one day! So I spent 2 1/2 days in the hospital so they could make sure that there was no more blood. Since then my chest has been really tight. They extended my IV's and extra week so hopefully that will get down to the infection that is down in my chest.

Well friday is ultrasound day :) As long as little bug coroperates we will find out if we are having a daughter or a son and if you can be around a computer at 11:30 central / 12:30 eastern you can find out live with us! Yep we are having the ultrasound streamed live so that everyone can sign onto the computer and watch live as the ultrasound is being done! Below is the info on where to go and how to sign on. Now I would suggest that you try to sign on before friday and make sure that you can get to the page. When you get to the page a windows media player ( your computer must have windows media player ) box will appear in the middle of the screen. Now on friday I am not sure if it will just start to play at the time 11:30 / 12:30 (depending on where you live) or if you will need to press the play button. My suggestion is at the start time if it does not seem to start playing on its own every minute or so I would press the play button.

To get to the place go to

Scroll down the page until you are under the map and see Clarksville, TN and click on that,

Up in the right corner you will see the middle option is LIVE Log-In click on that and a sign in box will pop up, then enter this in the spaces

username: family
password: child
TA DA!!! You should be at the page :)

If anyone has any problems getting there just let me know and I will get back with you :)

Well thats alot for tonight so thats all my posting, below are some updated pictures :) Me at 14 weeks and the puppies at 2 weeks :)


Rebecca said...

Hope everything goes well and you are back to normal soon! Take care of yourself...

The Browns said...

Thanks so much rebecca, you know how it is when your CF kicks up out of the blue and your like "Where the heck did that come from!"