Thursday, November 19, 2009

Third Trimester :)

Holy Cow look where we are at...... Third Trimester

As of tuesday we entered week 28 and also our thrid trimester. It is starting to become more real everyday. I am starting to have more pregnancy side effects. One big one is the swelling in my feet and legs. My ankles will get as big as softballs. The swelling will go down some but only when I lay on the couch with my feet above my head for hours. So pretty much if I am not working then I am on the couch with my feet up for the rest of the hours of the day. I have a feeling that is how I will be spending the next 12 weeks. My blood pressure is not high so they are not worried about the swelling at this point but needless to say I am wearing my slippers at work because by th end of 2 hours of working I cant fit into my shoes :) My stomach issues have gotten better so I am very thankfull for that, the morning sickness is still around. I am deff starting to feel like a stuffed turkey.

We had an ob appt on monday and nicolas is looking great! He is weighing in now at 2 pounds 10 oz ( of course there is like a 6oz possible up or down ). So in 4 weeks he gained abou 14 oz which is awesome! As for me I gained a whopping 8 pounds! So I am up to about 12 pounds for the pregnancy :) Needless to say I think the whole 8 pounds is in my belly and the water in my legs and feet :)

I know I have been a bad bad blogger but I will post a picture of my growing belly soon and I will see if I can scan one of the latest pictures of nicolas :)

Make sure to also read the the post below I am not sure if the update for it got sent out.

Love to all,
Alisha, Nick and Nicolas


Kristen said...

Congrats on third tri! I'm so sorry you are STILL dealing with m/s, that really sucks! But, I glad to hear the little guys is growing well!