Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Baby Boy Is 2 Weeks Old

I can not believe that it has been two weeks since one of the most amazing things in my life happened. These past two weeks have been AMAZING, some of the best of my life. Nicolas is doing great, he had his two week appt today and he is up to 6 lbs and 3 ozs. The doctor said he is growing good, but he is still a little rugrat :) His next appt will be his two month appt. His umbilical fell off today, WHOO HOO! Also nick and I have also both been peed on when changing a diaper, nicks pee on me actually went and hit the wall :) Here are some pictures from his first two weeks of life.


Katey said...

He is so so precious. Congratulations....I'm glad everything went well and you are really enjoying being a mom :) Glad the little man is healthy too :)

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