Monday, May 10, 2010

3 months old

Yes its official, I am a terrible mommy blogger. Life has been so different and crazy, which I expected I just feel so bad I have not kept everyone updated. So here is the latest with us :)

Nicolas is now 3 1/2 months old almost and he continues to make us smile and laugh everyday. He has recently found his hands and cant believe how neat they are. He will sit for an hour just moving them in front of his face. He has also figured out that they can go into his mouth, again pretty funny site. He has started talking to us more. His favorite spot in the world is on his changing table. He LOVES LOVES to lay on his changer and he will just smile and laugh for as long as he lays on it. I think we could leave him on it for all day and he would love it. He is now sleeping about 9 hours a night. Its a great thing, they only thing is that he sleeps on his tummy and in the night scoots his little butt all the way to the top of his crib then cant scoot anymore and will wake up crying. So if we could get him to stop night scooting then it would be better :) We got him an exascauser and he is small for it so we prop him up with blankets and he is learning to look at things and follow them with his eyes. It's amazing to see how he grows everyday.

He is now about 13 1/2 pounds, wearing a size 3 diaper, wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 shoes. His hair is staying a light blond and his eyes are becoming a lighter blue everyday just like his daddy's.
Love to everyone!!
Nick, Alisha and Nicolas