Monday, April 27, 2009

Child To Place

On friday I got a call from a local DCS worker, I was getting my haircut so I didnt hear the call. She left me a message saying that she wanted to talk to us about the placement of a 12 year old girl. Now Im sitting here thinking you have to be kidding me all this time and now? I called her back but had to leave a message since it was later friday afternoon. Today she called me back and talked to me. They were looking for a foster home for this girl. So needless to say it wasnt what we had been looking for. Nick and I are keeping all the options open at this point. We are not sure what God has planned for us. Right now we are on DPO ( day past ovulation ) ( even thou in my case it means days past IUI) so we are on DPO 10. I took a home pregnancy test on sunday night and it came back negitive meaning that all the HCG hormone that they gave me in the trigger shot is out of my system. So if we do get a positive in the next couple of days then it should be the real thing. My cycle is due to start over on friday May 1st, so we will just wait and see. Not much else that we really can do. I could go get a blood test from the hospital but at this point I feel it didnt really work so I dont really see the point in wasting my time to go do all that even thou part of me feels that it might tell me, but it might not. You shouldnt start testing until DPO 12 which would be wed for me. I dont think that they had the timing right again this time I mean there is only a 6-12 hour window to get it right then its up to nature too so it seems like it has to be perfect.