Monday, April 20, 2009

Round 2

Well we are onto round 2 of the IUI's. No luck with the first one so we will see where this one ends up at. Last friday was when the IUI was done, so now about 9 more days until we will know anything. I feel alot less stressed about this time Im not sure why, I think that I have a feeling now that there is nothing I can do to control what happens. I either get pregnant or I dont, of course I am hoping for the latter. We are really hoping that this doesnt take a year worth of trying but who knows. We think that everything is ok with both of us so we have no reason right now to hope that it wouldnt happen soon. The doctor said 3 tries then we will look into something more so maybe they will look into a medicated IUI with fetility meds. They say they can control that some more and give you more targets ( follicles ) to go after. But all in all it comes down to the timming. I really dont know how this is done, there is only a 6 hour window and it seems near impossible to hit it. Whats the point of doing everything if you dont have your IUI timed right in that window. I tell you its alot that goes into this.